at the heart of it all <3

Okay, so I’m not far off from a BIG birthday.  And, whether fortunate or not, it is a fact that you learn a lot by this time.  So much in life changes so quickly and college can speed that process up by a lot.  For me, there have been lessons I am grateful to have learned, but some part of me wishes I didn’t have to, and some lessons that feel more like lifesavers.  However, I learned they are all necessary and will never go away.  My advice is to be grateful.  I fully believe with all my heart that everyone and everything happens for a reason, and you can learn something from everything.  The difficulties in life can be scary and frustrating to go through, but they are the reason we KNOW the good stuff is good and that it is SO good.  Four years in the making and I can say that one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is to be true to myself, even if I am not sure what that means.  I need to invest time in learning about myself, what I believe, and what is at the core of my soul.  Love others, but don’t forget to love yourself; care for yourself; believe in yourself.



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