“More than a feeling…”

Saturdays feel like home.  Or, at least they do to me.  I remember growing up, and every Saturday was devoted to grocery shopping, lawn mowing, weed pulling, and the occasional family outing.  After leaving home, these were the days I missed most; the days when we were just doing regular things, but we were doing them as a family.  Saturdays feel like home because Saturdays are about family.  I can classify this feeling into one phrase, “more than a feeling.”  Every time we were out-and-about as a family, my dad was the radio dj.  He loves what my brother and I like to call “old fogie” music.  Anyway, so one of the old foggy bands he listened to was Boston band, which to this day holds a special place in my heart.  It was frequent that on a Saturday or Sunday out together, Boston band would come on the radio.  This song is what Saturdays feel like to me and it takes me back to those family days where it was the four of us against the world.



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