there is a reason they’re called cliches~

Seeing as this is my first post, I would just like to leave a few comments prior to my entry.  Most of my posts will be short and sweet as a personal preference.  This blog is just a place i’ll leave my day-to-day thoughts on life, so enjoy!  Also, these are just my thoughts, but feel free to go where the wind takes you!

I am someone who is all about the cliches; not because they are time old and sing a sweet tune to the ear, but because they have deeper meaning that on some unconscious level just makes sense.  I think the biggest reason I am drawn to these cliche phrases is because it is how I express my passion and love for people and dreams and very sweet things.  Cliches and photographs and the unexpected moments are what remind us of what is sweet in life.  We crave the fleeting moments, the almosts, the what ifs, and the maybes.  But what about the right now?  I find the more I crave the ability to live in the now, the more fleeting that vibrant “living life” becomes.  So I propose, we embrace the unexpected, the photographs, the smiles, and the days that aren’t holidays but we celebrate what is most dear to us.



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